bmxBMX, or Bicycle Motocross, is an exciting off-road track sport. From the time the starting gate drops to the finish line, racers fly over jumps, around berms, and sprint through straights. It’s like a roller coaster ride on a bicycle! The Centric Sports and Cycling Center (CSCC) will offer an indoor BMX track with year-round usage available. Spectators will experience the excitement of this high energy sport from 1,500 grandstand seats. The track will be accessible for local riders as well as regional- and national-level racing championships. Special events will be included as well as coaching clinics and after school programs.

Weekly races will be held for all gender and age groups, from toddlers to masters 60+, making it a great family sport. Racing and practicing builds self-esteem, physical fitness, and teaches discipline. BMX is raced on a single speed bicycle with 20” to 26” wheel size. Bikes are sized and geared appropriately towards riders’ age and ability level. BMX bikes accelerate quickly and can handle everything the track offers. CSCC will offer rental bicycles and helmets for new riders. A helmet is mandatory, and long sleeves and long pants are suggested. The Everybody Plays Foundation, Inc. will offer scholarships to racers in need.

Photo courtesy of BMX USA.

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