Our Partners


The City of New Haven with Mayor Toni Harp.


Svigals & Partners is an architectural firm based in New Haven CT.
Lead architect Chris Bockstael is providing initial drawings and plans for the Centric business plan. Centric will utilize the most advanced technologies in energy efficient building construction. It will be a LEED-certified structure that will further Connecticut’s reputation as a Eco-friendly State.


DTC is a design consulting firm located minutes from Yale University committed to providing comprehensive, long term solutions for the built environment. By establishing partnerships with stakeholders, we create sustainable buildings and infrastructure.

The firm provides comprehensive consulting engineering and design, including:
•             Civil and Site Engineering
•             Landscape Architecture
•             Environmental Services
•             Sustainable Design
•             Transportation and Bridge Design
•             Structural Engineering
•             Mechanical Engineering
•             Electrical Engineering
•             Plumbing and Fire Protection
•             Construction Administration
•             Project Management

DTC is pleased to be the engineer for the exciting Centric Velodrome project, and look forward to working with Svigals and the other professionals associated with this project.


The World Cycling League is a new, innovative professional track cycling league made up of teams and indoor racing events. WCL’s spectator friendly format, called TeamTrak™ is designed to provide indoor velodromes with anchor content that attracts paying spectators, supports local programming and drives interest in the sport. Centric’s indoor velodrome will host a WCL conference with up to 36 evenings of scheduled competition between October and March each winter season. Centric will also be headquarters for the Connecticut Nor’Easters, its own WCL home team.


NewTechHaven selected Centric as a client due to their confidence and commitment to making the cycling center project a reality. NewTechHaven is a consulting firm providing the intellectual and analytical fire power to help startup businesses succeed. NewTechHaven has worked closely with Centric advising on all aspects of its business plan in order to realize this project.

NewTechHaven, following their mission of having college graduate-level business students perform R&D, has coordinated the activities of students from local universities to provide the in depth industry research and current market information contained in the Centric business plan.

NewTechHavens’ multi-talented team of proven and successful business-builders provides Centric with ongoing business development guidance. Starting with business planning consultation, NTH will continue to assist to present the project to sources of capital, and follow through advising Centric towards the goal of establishing the velodrome and cycling complex as a successful and profitable business.


Velodrome Management Group, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company dedicated to the development, construction, marketing and management of multi-purpose indoor velodromes. VMG works with developers, municipalities and organizations to advise on all aspects of a velodrome project including site requirements, building design for multi-use activity, selection of specialty vendors and cost analysis from start to finish. VMG also assists owners in the design of ideal programming content and operating plans.  VMG can assemble and prepare needed materials from executive summary, overview documents and power point presentations to a final, detailed business plan incorporating site feasibility, economic impact, sport demographics, user analysis, financial projections, design renderings and financing options.  A key first step is determining economic impact based upon location, demographics and intended users. VMG works with objective third party experts to assess user demographics and quantify economic viability and success.

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