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The Centric Sports and Cycling Center is the brainchild of the Everybody Plays Foundation, a not-for-profit entity formed by a group of local residents with strong sports backgrounds who believe that New Haven needs a quality sports facility that fosters healthy participation and clean competition in sport.  All tax-free donations to the Everybody Rides Foundation will support the mission of Centric to create a world class sports center with access for all New Haven residents, regardless of need.

CENTRIC will rely on the support of many individuals in many different areas of expertise. As a not-for-profit entity, the Everybody Plays Foundation will help Centric be Connecticut’s Sports Center, indebted to those that work hard to make this dream a reality.

We are making great progress to transform this dream into a long-lasting reality.  If you are able to enthusiastically contribute your time, treasure or talent, we encourage you to contact us by filling up the form below.

The Everybody Plays Foundation is now accepting donations via widely-accepted Paypal. All funds are used for current development and planning costs. For our generous supporters, all funds will be 100% tax deductible.

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