Track and Field

The Centric Center’s track & field venue will contain a six lane, 200 meter banked Mondo surface running track.  A seating capacity for 2,500 will provide spectators with unobstructed view of all events.

The mission of the track is to provide a world-class facility to serve Connecticut’s High School youth Track & Field programs and events.  It will also be a venue for  USA Track and Field Championships, USA Master National Championships, and collegiate events in Division II and Division III competitions. Centric’s track & field facility  will provide a first class athletic center for students and the general public as well as promote fitness and wellness for all who enter.

The flexible floor layout on the track’s infield will allow for conversion into four additional basketball and/or tennis courts with Mondo surfaces.

There will be dedicated areas within the facility which will be able to host various community based meetings and civic activities.

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