velodromeAt the heart of the Centric Sports & Cycling Center will be the only indoor velodrome in the Eastern United States.  The Centric Velodrome will be of a 200-meter world-class oval banked track with 2,500 permanent spectator seats.  It will be home to the Nor’Easters, Connecticut’s own professional track cycling team, a member team of the World Cycling League.

The Velodrome will offer a thrilling, fast, but safe experience for cyclists with its banked curvature creating a sensation of always riding in control and in a straight line.  Coaches, trainers and instructional classes will provide access to the velodrome for all members of the New Haven community; from young to old, novice to professional and especially those with special needs.

A stable of high quality track bikes will be available for participants.  Track bikes are the most simple and purest of all bicycles.  They have no brakes and no shift levers because they only have one fixed gear, so no coasting, just pure power to the pedals.   Eventually, with no additional pressure put on the pedals, the bike will slow down.  The track will also provide for alternative wheel-based sports use such as in-line skating and wheel chairs.

Due to the size and shape of the Velodrome, it is a natural amphitheater, providing multiple additional uses for concerts and conventions.  Locker rooms, retail and rental shops, food and beverage concessions, meeting space and social areas will all be available within the center near the Velodrome.

The Centric Velodrome will be the heart of cycling in New England.

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